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Decoration for professionals

What is commercial decoration?


Showcase, Pop-up store  (ephemeral shop), offices, hotel rooms, restaurants...


From a shop window to the layout of a hotel lobby, the choice of decorations are  the first elements perceived by visitors.


The objective for public spaces is to have a strong impact  by playing on the decor and the atmosphere but also to stage a point of sale or a place of commercial exchange in a permanent or occasional approach.


The goal for offices is to have a positive impact on employee performance by improving everyone's well-being.  We could discuss the concept of Flex Office for example... There are so many ways to improve employee performance!

My missions will be  to accompany you  to highlight your visual communication but also bring you a beautiful energy in your offices. We  We'll take a look at all the points for improvement: colors, furniture, layout, creation of additional spaces...

Medical environment (doctor, pediatrician, physiotherapist, dentist, etc.):  you want to work  with pleasure and  welcome your patients in a welcoming and bright decoration that will allow them to relax? Workshop 228 will know  guide you and bring you a change in waiting and consultation rooms.


Atelier 228 will have the mission of improving the entire image of your space.





Advisory visit to your premises 2 hours:  420€ HT (Report  + trend board included)

Color advice only: 50 € / hour 

Trend board: €50

Development or decoration project: on estimate because each project is unique.

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