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Art of living

"Live better with less"


We call this the Art of Minimalism.  The idea: keep it simple,  get rid of everything superfluous  while maintaining a warm, authentic and cheerful side.


Workshop 228 will guide you to adopt certain codes and habits, through:

a clean and tidy space, 

a well-lit room, 

soothing colors,

natural materials,

organic decoration  ...


How to arrange a home to make it a pleasant and visually balanced place?

My objective will be to work the space in sequence by favoring the living room which must be spacious and airy, the bedroom as a pleasant and soothing refuge, the kitchen with  an uncluttered work plan, the bright and ventilated bathroom...




"We travel around the world in search of something and we return home  to find it"


Tips for feeling better at home with a follow-up visit: 2-hour package at your home + 2nd follow-up appointment  : 290 €

Color advice only: 50€/ hour

Development in Art of living: Personalized quote after a visit, each project being  unique.

Two examples of achievements

Plank  for a boy's room

Plank  for a natural room 

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