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home staging

What is Home Staging? 
Home Staging originated in the United States in 1970 and was
  invented by Barb Schwarz and arrived in France in 2008.
Home staging is neither decoration nor renovation work.
  It is a set of  techniques for presenting a good.
It is a question of proposing the best solutions to enhance your property in
  less cost and in a shorter time.

When should you call on a home stager?
Many owners are unable to sell their property because of an interior decoration that is often too personalized or overloaded.
90% of property purchases
  would take place following a stroke of heart which  occurs in approximately 90 seconds.
80% of the population would not have the ability to project themselves into a place or into spaces.

Workshop 228
  with its 10 years of experience in real estate will be available to bring you the best solution with a wide choice of services ranging from consulting to turnkey, including staging, taking photos, publication of your ad with catchy text ...

We will see your objective together and put in place actions such as:

Our focus will be on you
  stand out from the competition and enhance your property (staging, photo, ad text ......)

Real estate advice (possibility of guiding you on your favorites): 90€
Advisory Consultation with Flash Audit: €195
Coaching with follow-up and written Audit
  : 500 €
Staging with photos and advertisements: €350
Turnkey Home Staging package: On estimate

Make trips billed beyond 50 km
Sectors: Haut de France
  - Ile de France - Paris  


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